Swimming: Summer Safety 2013!

Summer is here! Remember to teach your kids the #1 safety rule around the water; Do NOT get in the water without being prompted by an adult. Don’t let your child go stick their hand in the pool/lake with their clothes on to test out the water or stick their feet in the water while clothed or sit on the pool steps with clothes on, which means we as parents/adults need to lead by example and do the same.  All it takes is one slip or tumble for your child to fall in the one time you’re not watching and a fatal drowning only takes 2-3 minutes, it can happen so quickly. In a 2004 CNN report, 9 of 10 fatal child drownings occurred under adult supervision! We first need to teach the process of getting into the water, proper attire first, sunblock (if outdoors), and toys or goggles if needed, then a parent or adult permission to enter the pool. This process triggers the child to first go through these steps and not just run up to a body of water and jump or fall right in. Also, an ‘arms-reach’ rule should always be in effect for the adults/parents supervising children in the pool. This means IF you’re not in the pool with your child or even if you’re sitting on the steps, you are actively watching and within arms reach at any and all times. This would exclude; texting, eating, leaving your child unattended to use the bathroom, checking facebook, reading a book/magazine, engaging in conversation with someone else that would distract away from watching your child. Submersion happens in less than 1 minute.