Big Little – Fish Class – Parent Participation

Parent/Baby Lessons


Cost:  10 Lesson Pack: $300
Pack:  40 Lesson Pack: $1000 – $25/Lesson
Ratio: 5-8 students per teacher
Suggested Age: 3 months to 2 1/2 – 3 years
Recommended for: Everyone! Great for playgroups.

Program Description
This class teaches parents proper techniques to introduce a baby to swimming. Educates both parent and baby on important safety skills and water awareness. This self-paced, “learn to swim” curriculum turns any baby into a fish. The use of songs and games help keep parents and babies entertained.

Skills Explored

  • Safety skills
  • Breath control
  • Bubbles
  • Submersions
  • Back floats
  • Independent movement
  • Pop ups and rolls
  • and Much more!

Benefits of Fish Classes

The earlier a child begins swim lessons, the sooner they will develop the vital skills needed to be ‘water-safe’ to better protect them selves in case of an accident.

Other benefits of early swim lessons for your infant/toddler:

  • Water-Safety is important, especially for the ages of 6 months-3 years old when children are developing and learning the most. Skills taught in the Big Fish/Little Fish classes include basic safety skills such as; blowing bubbles, ‘monkey-walks’, kicking their legs and moving their arms and floating on their backs.
  • Babies are ‘free’ in the water to move their muscles more than on land which leads to better physical development.
  • The fun-filled, interactive games, songs and learn-to-swim skills help babies to develop their motor-skills such as; coordination, agility, balance, alertness and concentration.
  • Big Fish/Little Fish classes are another great way to enhance bonding with your little one, with plenty of skin-to-skin contact.
  • On-going classes allow for new (fish) parents to get a visual concept of the potential water-skills to be learned by observing seasoned parents.
  • The group structure of these classes enhances your infant/toddler’s social development as they encounter and interact with other babies. The range in ages (6 months-3 years) of students gives you the opportunity to encounter students that are working on the same skills but are at different stages of these skills.
  • Positive love and encouragement experienced in these classes builds confidence and independence in your little one; both very important characteristics for your child to develop a good foundation and for them to continue a safe-swimming journey for future!
  • Research shows that, maintaining continuity of lessons will prevent your child from developing a fear of the water as they grow older.