Healthy Families

Healthy families thrive together! Looking for an easy, healthy recipe the whole family will LOVE? Here’s my one-pan vegetable meal!
One sweet potato (or white potato), 2 zucchini, 1 bunch of asparagus, 1 box of
mushrooms (sliced), half a jalapeno (optional) or substitute a bell pepper or
any other kind of pepper. Peel and chop potato, place in a skillet with some
zero calorie non-stick spray and ¼ cup of water. Once potatoes start to become
soft (test by poking a fork in), add chopped zucchini and asparagus (discard
ends and slice lengthwise and then in half), stir frequently. Add in peppers
and mushrooms. If you used sweet potatoes, then season to taste with honey,
yellow curry and nutmeg! Kids WILL love this (and even dads too), my daughter
thinks the sweet potatoes are candy. If you used white potatoes, you may prefer
to season with garlic and curry, salt and pepper. For a true one-pan meal, you
can add any kind of cooked sausage or tofu and voila! I served this dish
along-side a fillet of salmon!