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Culturally Diverse Children

Teaching your children from an early age to be culturally diverse, not only expands their knowledge of other cultures, but makes them more tolerant individuals as well. ‘A good portion of bullying is ‘bias-oriented’: It happens when kids have trouble accepting another child’s differences.’* So teaching children empathy and respect for one another is a great starting place for change. Now days, many of us either come from a culturally blended family ourselves or speak multiple languages at home. This is great! We can start with our own heritage and cultures, creating your families personal traditions, if you haven’t already. Next we can expand beyond our own cultures and learn about other cultures, outside of our own.

Teaching children about culture doesn’t have to be only in the race and the countries themselves, but could be in the holidays, traditions, languages, history or foods of another culture or country. It’s not only learning for your child, but probably for yourself as well and it’s fun! I thoroughly enjoy learning along side my daughter.

*ParentingMagazine, Issue 263, May 2012, page 60. ‘Culture Blind’, Teri Cettina