Healthy Family Recipe

It’s January! Everyone in the family is cycling through colds, starting their resolutions for the new year, resuming extra-curricular activities and recovering from the recent Holidays and vacations. Needless to say, your family is busy right now and there is no better reason for feeding them a hot and hearty, but healthy, meal!

Crockpots are a time saving and amazing invention. There are so many recipes I have for a crockpot meal, from breakfasts to dinners, that I guarantee the whole family will love. Here’s my family’s favorite;

Chicken tortilla soup:
Add chicken stock, chicken breasts, can of crushed tomatoes, can black beans, can of hominy (or corn if you prefer), 1-2 cheyotes (Mexican squash that can be found In most grocery stores) or potato if you prefer. Season to taste and let everything cook on low 6-8 hours.

When you serve the bowls of soup, have separate ramekins for the toppings; tortilla strips or crushed tortilla chips, shredded cheddar or Mexican blend cheese, sour cream, shredded cabbage (soaked in lime juice), lime wedges, sliced olives. The kids will have fun adding the toppings of their choice from the ramekins! Add green chiles or jalapeƱos for the adults if wish, prepare to have your sinuses cleared from this hot & delicious soup!! Just what the doctor ordered and a fun flavorful twist to the traditional chicken noodle soup, that everyone can customize to make their own.