Family Resolutions

Kids can join in New Year’s Resolutions too! Many of your children might already have a ‘reward board’ or sticker chart, where their daily or weekly goals/responsibilities are laid out and rewarded with smiley faces or stickers that accumulate to prizes or rewards. This same concept can be outlined for some kids (probably age 4 and up) with a New Year’s Resolution. Maybe you choose, or they choose, a large goal that they can work toward. Something simple that they can surely accomplish without much additional ‘keeping track’, such as; read 3 books by the end of the year, donate 1 old toy each month to a shelter for other families, help with household chores once/month, prove myself responsible for a pet, make a new friend at school. The reward is the confidence your child will develop and the sense of ability in setting and keeping a goal. It’s not too early!  It may even help you stay on track with your resolution by having someone that looks up to you, hold you accountable to your goals and commitments to yourself.